Intellectualization of logistics and Supply Chain Management

The concept of the periodical is focused on the development of a sustainable model of interaction between science, business and society in order to form and distribute advanced knowledge and practices of conversion of the domestic logistics system into innovative path of development. The Editorial Board of the Electronic Scientific and Practical Journal follows the principle of “OpenScience”, it means the publication of practical-oriented research, which scientific results become open and available beyond a tight circle of scientists and have a great value to the business environment and for practical application. The editorial board conducts internal and external review of materials, which are being prepared for announcement in a scientific and practical journal.. The electronic scientific and practical journal is registered in international scientometric data bases, repositories and search engines. The main characteristic of the edition is the index of scientometric data bases, which reflects the importance and effectiveness of scientific publications using indicators such as quotation index, h-index and factor impact (the number of quotations within two years after publishing). Scientists, specialists and business representatives (who are interested in research and scientific and practical development of modern directions of knowledge economy, transfer of innovations, intellectualization of management, sociopsycology of partner relationships in supply chains using cloud technology, artificial intellect and machines learning, neural systems of business process management) are invited for cooperation and discussion by Editorial board of the electronic scientifical and practical journal “Intellectualization of logistics and Supply Chain Management”. Submitted material for publishing in the electronics cientific journal “Intellectualization of logistics and Supply Chain Management” is subjected to an onymous peer-review and plagiarism testing.
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Editor in ChiefHRYHORAK Mariia Yuriivna
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