25th World Dermatology Congress (World Dermatology 2024)


In the heart of Paris, a city where tradition meets innovation, we are delighted to welcome you to the 25th World Dermatology Congress on August 28-29, 2024 in Paris, France. This gathering is a celebration of the past, present, and future of dermatology, under the illuminating theme: “Innovations in Dermatology: Bridging Science and Skin Health.”

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Teledermatology and Digital Health Innovations
Track 2:Precision Medicine in Dermatology
Track 3:Microbiome and Skin Health
Track 4:Advanced Therapeutics for Autoimmune Skin Diseases
Track 5:Non-invasive Diagnostic Techniques
Track 6:Regenerative Dermatology and Wound Healing
Track 7:Innovations in Dermatologic Surgery
Track 8:AI and Machine Learning in Dermatology:
Track 9:Skin of Color Dermatology
Track 10:Research and Emerging Therapies
Track 11:Dermatopathology
Track 12:Global Dermatology
Track 13:Special Interest Topics
Track 14:Dermatology Education and Ethics

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens21/04/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline12/08/2024
Abstract Submission Closes17/05/2024
Registration Opens21/04/2024
Registration Deadline25/08/2024
Registration Closes28/05/2024
Early bird registration28/07/2024
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