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Journal Title Discipline Country P-ISSN E-ISSN
Journal of Business and Management Research Cultural Studies Pakistan 2958-5066 2958-5074
Sustainable Machine Intelligence Journal Computer Science United States 3005-3609 3005-3617
Queen Arwa University journal Multidisciplinary Sciences Yemen 2226-5759 2959-3050
Shnakhat Computer Science Pakistan 2709-7633 2709-7641
International Journal of Islamic Studies & Culture Computer Science Pakistan 2709-3891 2709-3905
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY Chemical Sciences Pakistan 2710-4966 2710-4958
Guman Engineering Sciences Pakistan 2709-4154 2709-4162
Al-Safiir Art History Pakistan 2709-6041 2709-605X
Al-Qirtas Computer Science Pakistan 2709-6068 2709-6076
Al-Nasr Economic Sciences Pakistan 2959-1015 2958-9398
Journal of Emerging Finance and Social Science Computer Science Pakistan 2790-5675 2790-5683
International Journal of Religion and Humanities Cultural Studies Pakistan 3006-9386 3006-9394
Odyssey of Academic Curiosity Computer Science Pakistan 3005-9364 3005-9372
Zealous & Energetic Scholarly Texts Health Sciences Pakistan 3005-6519 3005-6527
Global Research Journal of Natural Science and Technology Computer Science Pakistan 2790-7643 2790-7651