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Journal Title Country P-ISSN E-ISSN
PAKISTAN ISLAMICUS (An International Journal of Islamic & Social Sciences) Pakistan 2789-9365 2790-4911
Southern Journal of Social Sciences Pakistan - 2959-6645
International Journal of Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences Pakistan 2959-2461 2959-3808
Al-Marjān Pakistan 3006-0362 3006-0370
International Bulletin of Linguistics and Literature (IBLL) Pakistan 2709-9072 2709-9180
International Journal of Art, Culture and Communication Pakistan 3005-8333 3005-8341
Social Sciences Spectrum(SSS) Pakistan 3006-0419 3006-0427
UPRAVA – časopis za upravu i upravno pravo Bosnia And Herzegovina 1986-5813 2233-100X
Unique Endeavor in Business & Social Sciences (UEBSS) Pakistan 3006-0389 3006-0397
Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology(JEST) Pakistan 3006-0451 3006-046X