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Welcome to ProScholar Insights (PSI), a leading educational journal dedicated to advancing scholarly research and fostering innovative ideas in the field of education published by Himalaya Degree College of Science and Technology (HCST). At ProScholar Insights (PSI), our mission is to provide a platform for academicians, researchers, and educators to share their expertise and insights, creating a collaborative space for intellectual discourse and knowledge exchange. We strive to promote high-quality research that brings about positive change and improvements in educational practices, policies, and systems. ProScholar Insights (PSI) seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering a platform for rigorous academic inquiry that directly informs and impacts educational policies and practices. Our journal covers various disciplines within education, including but not limited to Educational Research, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Development, Educational Technology, Teacher Professional Development, Educational Policy and Administration, Inclusive Education. Assessment and Evaluation, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, Special Education, Cross-Cultural and Comparative Education, Psychology of Education, Global Perspectives in Education, and Language Education. We are committed to publishing articles that explore both theoretical and practical aspects of education, offering evidence-based strategies and approaches to enhance teaching and learning. With a dedicated team of editorial board members and peer reviewers, ProScholar Insights (PSI) ensures rigorous and fair evaluation of all submissions. We prioritize originality, relevance, and contribution to the field of education, guaranteeing that only the most impactful and influential research reaches our readership. Our journal also recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and encourages authors from various academic backgrounds to submit their work. By fostering a multidisciplinary approach, ProScholar Insights (PSI) aims to promote cross-pollination of ideas and create connections between different educational domains, facilitating a more holistic understanding of educational processes and challenges. ProScholar Insights (PSI) is not just a passive platform for publishing research; we are also committed to actively engaging with our readers and the wider education community. We invite you to join us on this educational journey, whether as a reader, a contributor, or an eager learner. Together, we can ignite the spark of innovation, drive meaningful change, and improve educational outcomes for learners of all ages and backgrounds.
Published byHimalaya Degree College of Science and Technology (HCST)
Year publication2022Frequency (Publish per Year)1
ISSN (print)3006-838XISSN (online)3006-7723
Journal disciplineSocial SciencesFull text languageEnglish
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Editor in ChiefDr. Fazal Hayat
Abbreviated NamePSICountryPakistan
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