Multidisciplinary Sciences

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Journal Title Country P-ISSN E-ISSN
Queen Arwa University journal Yemen 2226-5759 2959-3050
AITU Scientific Research Journal United States 2578-3874 2578-3882
Technium Business and Management Romania 2821-4366 2821-4366
Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Pakistan - 3005-8457
Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences India - 2249-1929
Scientia Nexus Bolivia - -
International Multidisciplinary Journal Of Science, Technology & Business (IMJSTB) Pakistan 3005-6497 3500-6500
COSMIC JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY Pakistan 3005-6799 3005-6802
COSMIC JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY Pakistan 3005-6772 3005-6780
Journal of Applied Linguistics and TESOL (JALT) Pakistan 2709-8265 2709-8273