International Experts Summit on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy (RenewEnergy Summit-2025)


Welcome to the International Experts Summit on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy, a meticulously organized conference by The Iconic Meetings. This summit aims to bring together leading researchers, practitioners, and global leaders in the field of scientific innovation. The conference’s primary focus is on the theme of “Energy: Bridging Innovation Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy,” which highlights the importance of advancing scientific excellence while taking into account sustainable practices in Renewable and Energy engineering. Attendees can expect to learn about the latest breakthroughs, connect with pioneers, and actively shape the future of renewable energy against the backdrop of this unifying theme. The conference will take place in the dynamic city of Singapore from March 14-16, 2025, where attendees can harmonize intellect, innovation, and sustainability to elevate their understanding, expand networks, and collectively shape the future.

Scientific Sessions

• Introduction to Renewable Energy
• Solar Energy Technologies
• Wind Energy
• Hydropower
• Biomass Energy
• Geothermal Energy
• Ocean Energy
• Renewable Energy Policy and Regulation
• Energy Storage Technologies
• Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration
• Renewable Energy Economics
• Community-Based Renewable Energy
• Energy Efficiency and Conservation
• Renewable Energy in Transportation
• Off-Grid and Remote Area Electrification
• Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation
• Innovations in Renewable Energy
• Renewable Energy Education and Capacity Building
• Renewable Energy in Developing Countries
• Environmental Impacts and Sustainability of Renewable Energy
• Social Acceptance and Public Engagement
• Renewable Energy in the Context of Energy Justice
• Renewable Energy and Water Nexus
• Renewable Energy and Agriculture
• Renewable Energy and Circular Economy
• Renewable Energy and Health
• Renewable Energy and Corporate Sustainability
• Renewable Energy and Global Energy Security
• Renewable Energy and Technological Innovation
• Future Trends and Outlook for Renewable Energy
• Others

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens11/05/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline03/03/2025
Abstract Submission Closes03/03/2025
Registration Opens11/05/2024
Registration Deadline13/03/2025
Registration Closes13/03/2025
Early bird registration01/01/2025
on spot registration13/03/2025
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