ACTA UNIVERSITATIS MATTHIAE BELII series Environmental Management

The journal was founded in 1999 and since 2007 is published 2 times per year. There is scientific journal, offering the possibility of publishing scientific knowledge and results in Sciences of Nature. The basic concept of the Journal ACTA UNIVERSITATIS MATTHIAE BELII, series Environmental Management (Acta UMBsEM) ( consists of two principal scientific lines. The first line is a presentation of research results from social-science basis (the use and renewal of natural, cultural and social values, environmental risk and crisis management, remediation of landscape components, identification of heavy metals in the environment). The second line is focused on environmental-management research (sustainable development and social responsibility of organizations, integrated management and environmental management systems, exposure of heavy metals and their environmental impacts, management of health risks). The Scientific Board of the journal consists from the members of eminent domestic and foreign scientific experts (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Finland and China). Forming of the journal is influenced by significant domestic and foreign authors (Czech Republic, Finland, Egypt, Portugal, Ukraine, Finland and Poland) and erudite reviewers. Journal ACTA UNIVERSITATIS MATTHIAE BELI series of Environmental Management is scientific The journal Acta UMBsEM offers the possibility of publishing scientific findings, and results in environmental management. Environmental management is a set of instruments allowing the introduction of a systematic approach to solving problems of protection of environment and working environment by applying environmental innovation. Authors may to publish overviews studies, research studies, case studies, synthesizing the research works of in the natural and technical sciences regarding environment and reviews of books.
Published byDepartment of Environmental Management, Faculty of Nature Sciences, Matej Bel University
Year publication1999Frequency (Publish per Year)2
ISSN (print)1338-4430ISSN (online)1338-449X
Journal disciplineEarth and Related environmental SciencesFull text languageslovak
Journal Website
Editor in ChiefIveta Markova
Abbreviated NameActaUMBsEMCountrySlovakia
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