Earth and Related environmental Sciences

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Journal Title Country P-ISSN E-ISSN
JOURNAL OF BIODIVERSITY India 0976-6901 2456-6543
Worldwide Journal of Physics Pakistan 3006-0486 3006-0486
Journalism, Politics and Society Pakistan 3005-5261 3005-527X
Faith and Discovery Pakistan 3007-0643 3007-0651
Open Horizon Scientific Review Pakistan 3005-9380 3005-9399
Pakistan Research Letter Pakistan 3006-7952 3006-7960
Research Journal for Social Conflicts Pakistan 3006-7979 3006-7987
Research Journal of Psychology Pakistan 3006-7200 3006-7219
Liberal Journal of Language & Literature Review Pakistan 3006-5887 3006-5895
Technium Sustainability Romania 2810-2991 2810-2991