Research Journal of Psychology

The Research Journal of Psychology is a premier scholarly publication dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of cutting-edge research in the field of psychology. Established with a commitment to advancing understanding and knowledge in various domains of psychology, the journal serves as a vital platform for researchers, academics, and practitioners to contribute to the evolving landscape of psychological science.
Published byAl-Hikmah Research Institute
Year publication2023Frequency (Publish per Year)3
ISSN (print)3006-7200ISSN (online)3006-7219
Journal disciplineEarth and Related environmental SciencesFull text languageEnglish
Journal Website
Editor in ChiefDr. Farida Malik
Abbreviated NameCountryPakistan
Journal is indexed by, KindCongress
Impact FactorDate added to KC18 Mar 2024
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