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Conference Centers
Journal Title Discipline P-ISSN E-ISSN
Slovenská literatúra Humanities 0037-6973
Slavonic Pedagogical Studies Journal Pedagogical Sciences 1339-8660 1339-9055
Social-health spectrum Social Sciences 1339-1577 1339-2379
STUDIA IURIDICA Cassoviensia Legal Sciences - 1339-3995
Tourism Education Studies and Practice Economic Sciences - 2409-2436
The History of Land Transport Engineering Sciences 2412-2041 -
Nanotechnology Research and Practice Physico-mathematical Sciences 2312-7856 -
Muzeológia a kultúrne dedičstvo Historical Sciences and archaeology 1339-2204 2453-9759
Motus in verbo Humanities - 1339-0392
Modeling of Artificial Intelligence Engineering Sciences - 2413-7200