Physico-mathematical Sciences

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Journal Title Country P-ISSN E-ISSN
Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics Iraq 1813-2065 2309-1673
International Review on Modelling and Simulations Italy 1974-9821 2533-1701
International Journal of Sport Sciences Malaysia 2077-4532 -
International journal of Mathematics and Physics Kazakstan 2218-7987 2409-5508
International Journal of Mathematics And its Applications India - 2347-1557
Scientific Journal of Physical Science United States 2167-1575 2167-1583
New Horizons in Mathematical Physics Hong Kong 2521-7402 2521-7410
Nanotechnology Research and Practice Slovakia 2312-7856 -
Material science research India India 0973-3469 -
Mathematical Modelling and Geometry Russian Federation - 2311-1275