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Journal Title Discipline P-ISSN E-ISSN
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine Biological Sciences 1609-5693 2410-7409
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences Agricultural Sciences 1607-3894I 2071-1255
Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics Physico-mathematical Sciences 1813-2065 2309-1673
Iraqi Journal of Physics Physical sciences, Astronomy 2070-4003 2664-5548
Iraqi Journal of Science Multidisciplinary Sciences 0067-2904 2312-1637
Basrah Journal of Science Biological Sciences 2664-8288 2664-8296
Basrah Journal of Science Biological Sciences 1814-0343 -
Al-Qadisiyah Journal for Engineering Sciences Engineering Sciences 1998-4456 2411-7773
Journal of Baghdad College of Dentistry Medical Sciences 1680-0087 2311-5270
The Madical Journal of Basrah University Medical Sciences 0253-0759 2413-4414