Revista Ciências do Trabalho

The DIEESE ( Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies), founded in 1955, has worked to know the reality experienced by workers and allow them access to information they trust. For the Brazilian labor movement, the need for knowledge from the perspective of the working class resulted in a growing interest in a worker's university. With the Escola DIEESE de Ciências do Trabalho (DIEESE School of Labour Sciences), established in 2011, the DIEESE accomplished a part of his project by proposing a graduate degree under a project based on interdisciplinary, focusing on the production of knowledge of the working class on the labor issues. The Revista Ciências do Trabalho (Labour Sciences Journal) is an offshoot of the effort of this institution to foster debates around the issue and stimulate reflection on workers, union leaders, and intellectuals. Thus, this publication aims to disseminate research and discussions around the theme of Labour with the publication of articles, essays, interviews, and reviews in Portuguese and English.
Published byDepartamento Intersindical de Estatística e Estudos Sócioenômicos
Year publication2013Frequency (Publish per Year)3
ISSN (print)-ISSN (online)2319-0574
Journal disciplineMultidisciplinary SciencesFull text languageportugueses, english
Editor in ChiefSamuel Souza
Abbreviated NameRCTCountryBrazil
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