Manas Journal of Social Studies

1. MJSS is an international refereed journal. The journal aims to publish researches in the field of social sciences and provide for the use of scientists. 2. MJSS aims to be a journal contributing to science with the publication of academic researches. 3. MJSS Journal is published to demonstrate the cultural riches of Central Asia and the Turkic world, particularly Kyrgyzstan, to show the cultural and social events and the problems of the Turkic world and to reveal recent macro and micro-level studies in a scholarly manner. 4. MJSS aims to be scanned by more databases and indexes with an open-access journal system and provides easy and unlimited access to its readers. 5. MJSS team checks each article which is loaded into the system with separate diligence and forward to the reviewers. This process continues in great confidentiality. After the completion of reviewer process of articles, they line up to be published. 6. MJSS aims to increase the level of received citations for the articles.
Published byKyrgyz Turkish Manas University
Year publication2001Frequency (Publish per Year)4
ISSN (print)1694-5093ISSN (online)1624-7215
Journal disciplineSocial SciencesFull text languageTürkish, Kyrgyz, English, Russian
Journal Website
Editor in ChiefCelaleddin Serinkan
Abbreviated NameMJSSCountryKyrgyzstan
Journal is indexed byASOS Sosyal Bilimler İndeksi, Google Scholar, Türk Eğitim İndeksi, Araştırmax Bilimsel Yayın İndeksi, Akademik Dizin, KindCongress
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