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The journal Interfaces Brazil / Canada is official publication of the Brazilian Association of Canadian Studies (ABECAN), a private-sector non-profit organization founded in 1991 and dedicated to the promotion of studies on Canada in Brazil and devoted to stimulate intercultural dialogue in the globe, always with Brazil and Canada by privileged interlocutors of this effort. The journal, launched in 2001, is published through partnerships with universities and research centers in Brazil, getting also possible support of Canadian entities. Rooted in the special dialogue between teachers and researchers, the journal promotes the strengthening of cultural and scientific ties between Brazil, Canada and the world. With an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, preferably accepts articles transiting the areas of Humanities (especially Linguistic, Literature, Geography, History, Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology and Archaeology), Arts, Economy, International Relations and Education. The contributions, which can be accepted in four languages - Portuguese, Spanish, English and French - need thematizing Canada if referring to sources, authors, characters, landscapes or Canadian socio-geographical processes. It is highly recommended that contributions establish proposals and comparative interpretations of the Canadian reality with other countries and regions of the world, especially Brazil and the Americas. It is not mandatory that the Brazilian reality is subject of contributions, but it is recommended that there are references to cases, authors and Brazilian sources. They are especially welcome contributions that result from the collaboration between Brazil and other countries around the issues raised by the Canadian social-historical process scholars. Having the Canadian Studies by structural axes Interdisciplinarity and Internationalization of Research and Education, are also welcomed with interest contributions that discuss these issues theoretically and methodologically. The journal has online version since 2007 and is evaluated by Qualis classification of CAPES with the indicative categories of A1 quality in Literature and Linguistic and A 2 in the Interdisciplinary area, among others.
Published byABECAN
Year publication2001Frequency (Publish per Year)3
ISSN (print)1519-0994ISSN (online)1984-5677
Journal disciplineMultidisciplinary SciencesFull text languageEnglish, Portuguese, Spanish, French
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Editor in ChiefGunter Axt
Abbreviated NameInt. Bras./Can.CountryBrazil
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