EUTOPIA Journal of Territorial Economic Development

Eutopía is a new journal in the social sciences in the region and seeks, as its name evokes, reflection on what is happening in our society taking as axis territory analysis. The aim of the magazine is to show both academics and policy makers, new thoughts that exist on territory, development and interpretations that come from economics, sociology and other social sciences. At the same time, these efforts aim to rescue the people in the territories, in order to reassess their economic role as well as their potential for change.
Published byFLACSO - Ecuador
Year publication2010Frequency (Publish per Year)2
ISSN (print)1390-5708ISSN (online)2602-8239
Journal disciplineSocial SciencesFull text languageSpanish
Journal Website
Editor in ChiefLuciano Martinez Valle
Abbreviated NameCountryEcuador
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Impact FactorDate added to KC27 Feb 2023
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