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AGRICULTURAL, HISTORICAL, NATURAL SCIENCES & ENGINEERING Agriculture, Agronomy & Forestry Sciences History of Agricultural Sciences Environmental Engineering Science Environmental Technology Physics Botany Zoology Biology Earth Sciences Organic Farming ECONOMIC, MANAGEMENT & MARKETING AND ENGINEERING Historical & Humanitarian Sciences Psychology and Sociology Sciences Philosophy and Philology Sciences Management and Marketing Social Science Economic Science Pedagogy Science Politology MEDICINE, VETERINARY MEDICINE, PHARMACY AND BIOLOGY SCIENCES Clinical Medicine Prophylactic Medicine Theoretical Medicine Stomatology & Dentistry Veterinary Medicine and Zoo Drug Technology and Organization of Pharmaceutical Business Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacology Standardization and Organization of Medicines Production History of Pharmacy Innovations in Medicine​Biophysics and Biochemistry Radiology and Microbiology Molecular Biology and Genetics Botany and Virology Microbiology and Hydrobiology Physiology of Plants, Animals and Humans Ecology, Immunology and Biotechnology Virology and Immunology History of Biology Entomology TECHNICAL AND APPLIED SCIENCES Applied Geometry, Engineering Drawing, Ergonomics and Safety of Life. Machines and Mechanical Engineering. Electrical engineering, Radio Engineering, Telecommunications, and Electronics. Information, Computing and Automation. Mining and Geodesy Sciences. Metallurgy and Energy.​Chemical Technology, Chemistry Sciences.​Technology of Food Products.​Technology of Materials and Products Textile and Light-load industry. Machinery in Agricultural Production. History of Art. Project and Program Management. Innovative Technologies. Repair and Reconstruction. Materials Science and Engineering. Engineering Physics. Mathematics. Applied Mathematics. REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE History of tourism Theoretical and methodological foundations of tourism and recreation Tourist market , its current state and development forecasts Training and methodological support​
Published byCALG
Year publication2013Frequency (Publish per Year)6
ISSN (print)1987-6521ISSN (online)2346-7541
Journal disciplineMultidisciplinary SciencesFull text languageEnglish, Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian
Editor in ChiefNamig Isayev
Abbreviated NameGulustan-bssjarCountryGeorgia
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