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Journal Title Discipline P-ISSN E-ISSN
Journal of Business Management Biological Sciences 3007-0058 3007-0066
Al-Zumar Computer Science 3006-8347 3006-8355
Worldwide Journal of Physics Earth and Related environmental Sciences 3006-0486 3006-0486
ProScholar Insights Social Sciences 3006-838X 3006-7723
Research Consortium Archive Architecture 3007-0031 3007-004X
Journal of Psychology, Health, and Social Challenges Geosciences 3006-8797 3006-8800
Qualitative Research Review Letter Chemical Sciences 3007-0074 3007-0082
Multidisciplinary Surgical Research Annals Chemical Sciences 3007-1933 3007-1941
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Cardiological Review Chemical Sciences 3007-2379 3007-2387
The Cancer Research Review Geosciences 3006-9335 3006-9343