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Journal Title Country P-ISSN E-ISSN
Spectrum of Engineering Sciences Pakistan 3007-312X 3007-3138
Kashf Journal of Linguistics Pakistan 3006-5593 3006-5607
Al-Zumar Pakistan 3006-8347 3006-8355
Research Studies of Business (RSB) Pakistan 3006-8711 3006-872X
Yashfeen Journal of Health Innovation and Practice Pakistan 2959-5797 2959-5800
Iqbal Review / Iqbaliyat Pakistan 0021-0773 3006-9130
Sustainable Machine Intelligence Journal United States 3005-3609 3005-3617
Shnakhat Pakistan 2709-7633 2709-7641
International Journal of Islamic Studies & Culture Pakistan 2709-3891 2709-3905
Al-Qirtas Pakistan 2709-6068 2709-6076