Salesian Journal on Information Systems

The Revista de Sistemas de Informação da FSMA (ISSN 1983-5604) is a scientific journal that intends to foster the development of scientific knowledge. We are specially interested in applied knowledge that can increase local and national development. The fact that it is published in electronic format allows fo the free spread of knowledge and for its content to transcend geographic limits. Besides, givn the current trend of digital inclusion, the electronic format allows for information to be spread quickly and broadly. We aim for the creation of a scientific information forum, where pertinent information can be spread, not only for another scientific journal. We hope to contribute to national knowledge growth and to become a beacon for the academic and industrial national development. This journal is completely open access. We retain no rights on any article. No fees are charged either from authors or readers. This journal is classified into the B5 stratum at Qualis, the Brazilian national journal evaluation system.
Published bySalesian College at Macae
Year publication2008Frequency (Publish per Year)2
ISSN (print)-ISSN (online)1983-5604
Journal disciplineEngineering SciencesFull text languageEnglish
Journal Website
Editor in ChiefChiefRicardo Linden
Abbreviated NameRev. Sist. Info. FSMACountryBrazil
Journal is indexed by--, KindCongress
Impact FactorDate added to KC17 May 2020
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