Revista Aporia Jurídica

Aporia Jurídica Magazine is a semiannual (online and interdisciplinary) scientific journal of the Bachelor's Degree in Law from Faculdades Integradas dos Campos Gerais - CESCAGE, dedicated to the publication of original works that address research on the different areas of Law and other related fields Related issues and legal issues. It is aimed at researchers, teachers, professionals, and students.
Published byFaculdades Integradas dos Campos Gerais - CESCAGE
Year publication2014Frequency (Publish per Year)2
ISSN (print)1676-9511ISSN (online)2358-5056
Journal disciplineLegal SciencesFull text languagePortuguês
Journal Website
Editor in ChiefAlencar Margraf
Abbreviated NameCountryBrazil
Journal is indexed byLatindex - LivRe - AcademicKeys, KindCongress
Impact FactorDate added to KC10 Jun 2020
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