Research Journal of Politics, Economics and Management

"Research Journal of Politics, Economics and Management (RJPEM)" is a publication of Sakarya University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and first issue has been published in January 2013. RJPEM is a refereed journal published quarterly (January, April, July and October). The Journal publishes articles in English and Turkish. The journal has been published in print and it is also avaliable online.In generally, RJPEM accepts studies related to social sciences, specially to Economics, Management, Marketing, Public Finance, Public Administration and Political Science, Management and Organization, Human Resources Management, Tourism Management, Quantitative Methods, Econometrics and interdisciplinary scientific studies. Journal has a referee and advisory groups which consist of faculty members belonging to various universities. After a preliminary editorial examination, the coming articles will be sent to two referees who are experts on the areas of articles. If necessary (one referee has positive and the other referee has negative opinion) it will be sent to the evaluation of the third referee. After approval of at least two referees the articles will be accepted for publication. Attention is given to the suitability of articles to the ethics code of scientific research publications.
Published bySakarya University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Year publication2013Frequency (Publish per Year)4
ISSN (print)2147-7035ISSN (online)2147-6071
Journal disciplineEconomic SciencesFull text languageEnglish, Turkish
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Editor in ChiefProfessor Dr. Fatih SAVASAN
Abbreviated NameCountryTurkey
Journal is indexed by, KindCongress
Impact FactorDate added to KC23 May 2020
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