Quantitative Economic’s Journal

QE (Quantitative Economics) Journal is published by the Department of Economics, Post Graduate Program State University of Medan, and can be used as in online and print editions. This journal is contained with the articles that cover the economics area derived from the research and engineering ideas that are quantitative. The viewers, authors and future authors that expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the Department of Economics, Post Graduate Program, the State University of Medan This journal is published quarterly (4 pubs-vol/year): March (1st volume), June (2nd volume), September (3rd volume), and December (4th volume). All of the content at this journal can be written and published in Indonesian or English language. Publication of this journal can be viewed and downloaded free of charge at this website. We invite all parties to submit their articles in this journal by submitting online at this website This Journal is free from all charges (article processing charges (APCs), submission charges, or any instance where the money is required to complete the publication process)
Published bystate university of medan
Year publication2012Frequency (Publish per Year)4
ISSN (print)2089-7874ISSN (online)2089-7995
Journal disciplineEconomic SciencesFull text languageIndonesian,English
Journal Websitehttp://qe-journal.unimed.ac.id
Editor in Chiefindra maipita
Abbreviated NameQE JournalCountryIndonesia
Journal is indexed byGoogle Scholar, KindCongress
Impact FactorDate added to KC20 May 2020
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