Proceedings of Siberian Department of the Section of Earth Sciences of the Russian Academy of Natura

The journal is an open access journal which publishes 4 issues a year. It was founded in 2007. The journal covers such fields as Geology, Geo-ecology, life safety, GIS-technologies and some other geoscience-related areas.
Published byIrkutsk National Research Technical University
Year publication2007Frequency (Publish per Year)4
ISSN (print)2541-9455ISSN (online)2541-9463
Journal disciplineGeosciencesFull text languageRussian, English
Journal Website
Editor in ChiefSeminsky Zhan
Abbreviated NameCountryRussian Federation
Journal is indexed byURLICHSWEB, KindCongress
Impact FactorDate added to KC27 May 2020
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