POWER ENGINEERING economics, technique, ecology

Dear friends! Scientific journal POWER ENGINEERING economics, technique, ecology which is offered to your attention devoted to energy issues and energy efficiency, economy and ecology. All processes related to the achievements of mankind in the economic and social spheres, in particular, obtaining high-comfort of life, one way or another connected with the use of energy. Countries have different energy used to achieve high standards. Unfortunately, Ukraine is among the countries with excessive energy use per unit of GDP. According to expert estimates, Ukraine has a huge potential in energy saving, which is approximately equal to half the demand for primary energy that is spent in our time. It is this value corresponds to the amount of energy is imported. Is it necessary to look for other arguments for the relevance of energy saving in Ukraine? This potential energy is large and multifaceted, not yet realized the opportunities that can strengthen energy security and competitiveness of the economy and bring significant benefits the environment. It is important to emphasize that energy efficiency - a way to mitigate climate change, which arise due to the greenhouse effect. In editions of the magazine presents issues related to energy systems, electric heating and electric heat consumption, as well as sources of traditional and non-traditional generation, in particular - renewable energy, matter transformation, transmission, distribution and energy consumption. Also present are important to all mankind the issue of climate change. Considerable attention is paid to the economic justification of investment attractiveness of energy projects and activities, including their funding patterns and performance, development and optimization of different options, decision support systems with regard to possible risks.
Published byNational Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»
Year publication2000Frequency (Publish per Year)4
ISSN (print)1813-5420ISSN (online)2308-7382
Journal disciplineEngineering SciencesFull text languageukrainian, russian, english
Journal Websitehttp://energy.kpi.ua
Editor in ChiefYu.I. Yakimenko
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