Plant Breeding and Seed Production

The collection publishes experimental articles and reviews on breeding and genetics, physiology, seed production, seed studies, plant genetic resources, variety studies and other problems related to breeding of field crops. The editorial policy of the journal - publication and subsequent discussion of innovative research materials of authors from different countries on a wide range of challenges in agricultural science and related sectoral sciences. The Editorial Board of the journal applies the principles of scientific rigor, objectivity, professionalism, information support of the most important innovative investigations, compliance with the norms of publication ethics. A feature of the collection Selection and Seed Industry is support of young scientists’ works, including students and post-graduate students. Full texts in the language of writing articles and extended English abstracts are uploaded in the public domain on the site of the collection. The reason that full texts are not completely in English is the fact that the collection is focused on agricultural investigations closely associated with locations of many authors’ studies (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others) as well as a great interest in the collection publications from agricultural manufacturers. The purpose of the journal Selection and Seed Industry is extension of publication and discussion of scientific ideas on modernization of agricultural sectors, involving major representatives of domestic and foreign scientific and professional communities. The objectives of the magazine are as follows: • Publication of scientific results on expansion and modernization of investigations in agriculture and related industries, implementation of innovations in production; • Expansion of partnership with foreign scientific publishing organizations; • Improvement of review and annotation culture of releasable articles; • Compliance with the editorial ethics. The journal is a royalty-free edition. A decision to publish or to reject submitted manuscripts is made by the Editorial Board in accordance with the review guidelines. The Editorial Board reserve the right to make editorial changes in submitted manuscripts, reduce their volume, reject thematically inappropriate or not properly prepared manuscripts, strictly following the rules in the editorial ethics. Manuscripts rejected by the Editorial Board are not reviewed or returned. Reprint of materials published in the journal is not allowed. Submitting a manuscript to the Editorial Board, authors agree to publication of it in the journalSelection and Seed Industry, placement of it on the website of the journal, transfer of the article to the third parties in order to ensure citation of the article and to raise the citation index of authors and the journal.
Published byPlant Production Institute nd. a V. Ya. Yuryev of NAAS of Ukraine
Year publication1964Frequency (Publish per Year)2
ISSN (print)1026-9959ISSN (online)2413-7510
Journal disciplineAgricultural SciencesFull text languageUkrainian, Russian, English
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Editor in ChiefV. V. Kyrychenko
Abbreviated NameSel.nasinn.CountryUkraine
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