Perspectiva Teológica

Mission Perspectiva Teológica aims to disseminate the theological reflection (in systematic, biblical and pastoral areas) with proven, scientific quality, being open to ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue, as well as to other fields of scientific knowledge that will contribute to the service of faith and the commitment to justice. Thus, it serves as an instrument of permanent actualization of Theology and clarification of our Christian faith in view of postmodern world problems. Through thematic and diverse articles this publication offers to those who devote themselves to the study of Theology (an) aid for their reflection and theological debate. It also grants to its readers the possibility of aides which, over time, may solidify the reason of their faith and hope (1Pt 3.15). Articles’ Scope Perspectiva Teológica publishes articles covering these areas: 1. Theology of Christian Praxis (Christian Spirituality, Cultural and Religious Pluralism; Current Ethical Trends). 2. Systematic Theology (Biblical Sources of Christian Tradition; Interpretation of the Christian Tradition on the Current Horizon).
Published byFaculdade Jesuíta de Filosofia e Teologia
Year publication1969Frequency (Publish per Year)3
ISSN (print)0102-4469ISSN (online)2176-8757
Journal disciplineHumanitiesFull text languagePortuguese, Spanish, French, English
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Editor in ChiefFrancisco das Chagas de Albuquerque
Abbreviated NameCountryBrazil
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