Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences

The goal of the Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences is to offer scientists, researchers, and other food professionals the opportunity to share knowledge of scientific advancements in the myriad disciplines affecting their work, through a respected peer-reviewed publication. The Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences (PJFS) serves as an international forum for vital research and developments in food science. The Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences publishes peer-reviewed original research and review articles of all basic and applied aspects of food science for food scientists and other interested professionals. As the premier international publication of articles concerning fundamental research covering all aspects of food science, PJFS is composed of eight sections, with each section embodying various aspects of food research: Concise Reviews and Hypotheses in Food Science; Food Chemistry; Food Engineering and Physical Properties; Functional and Nutraceutical Foods; Food Microbiology and Safety; Sensory and Food Quality; Nanoscale Food Science; Health, Nutrition, and Food; and Toxicology and Food Safety. These subject areas include food safety and quality, food laws and regulations, ingredients and their functionality, nutraceuticals, product formulation, sensory science and strategies, statistical process control and its contribution to food processing operations, food chemistry and toxicology, food engineering, food microbiology, and nutritive values of food that advance and impact our understanding of health. Reviews should provide in-depth coverage of a narrowly defined topic, and embody careful evaluation of all pertinent studies (weaknesses, strengths, and explanation of discrepancies in results among similar studies), so that insightful interpretations and conclusions can be presented. Hypothesis manuscripts are appropriate in pioneering areas of research or important areas that are impacted by scientific controversy. The Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences is published at 3 months interval. In a year 4 issues of the journal in March, June, September, and December are published to form one volume.
Published byPakistan Society of Food Scientists and Technologists
Year publication1991Frequency (Publish per Year)4
ISSN (print)1605-2552ISSN (online)2226-5899
Journal disciplineAgricultural SciencesFull text languageEnglish
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Editor in ChiefProf. Dr Faqir Muhammad anjum
Abbreviated NamePJFSCountryPakistan
Journal is indexed by, KindCongress
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