Open Mathematical Education Notes

The main goal of the Notes is to foster interaction among mathematicians and mathematics educators in the Balkans, elsewhere in Europe, and worldwide through the publication of high-quality articles emphasizing mathematics education as a field of disciplined inquiry. The journal seeks to provide an online forum for professionals interested in reflecting on the wide range of experiences in the teaching of mathematics at all grade levels, from elementary to graduate. Contributions are welcomed from authors with teaching ideas that advance knowledge and practice in the field of mathematics education. Of special interest to the Notes are papers that reveal hidden connections between traditional concepts of mathematics curricula and big ideas of classic and modern mathematics. The journal is interested in publishing papers that illustrate how the presence of big ideas within curricular topics can be communicated to the learners of mathematics through grade-appropriate strategies and can stimulate one’s curiosity and creative thought.
Published byInternational Mathematical Virtual Institute
Year publication2011Frequency (Publish per Year)1
ISSN (print)2303-4882ISSN (online)1840-4383
Journal disciplinePedagogical SciencesFull text languageEnglish
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Editor in ChiefSergei Abramovich
Abbreviated NameOMENCountryBosnia And Herzegovina
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Impact FactorDate added to KC19 May 2020
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