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With almost 40 years of uninterrupted history of publication of the magazine, O Mundo da Saúde, we briefly present some points related to the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge throughout this period, as well as presenting a brief quantitative balance of the reality of this journal. To retrace the trajectory of the magazine, O Mundo da Saúde means to trace the history of its origin, content, and purposes throughout its scientific production. Based on one of the promises of the Camillian ideal that values life and health, the pioneering mentors of O Mundo da Saúde courageously made their dreams come true. Fr. Hubert Lepargneur, in the editorial dated March 1977, when he published his first edition, with 34 pages, said: 'This journal aims to publish original works in the field of health.' Further on, he explains the target public as 'all persons and entities linked in one way or another to the world of health, especially for professional reasons, but also for human interest: humanistic doctors and surgeons, psychiatrists and psychologists, nurses (...); but also those engaged in pastoral work in one or another sector, in the churches that accompany the modern development of the world and are concerned with the salvation of the entire man. The informational part (...) will make this magazine an unparalleled instrument in the hands of hospital administrators and health care homes.' Since then, significant changes have been made in relation to the production and management of O Mundo da Saúde, as a result of its harmony with the movements and trends of history. During this time, four major periods of production were identified, stages of the magazine's clear evolution. The first moment had an informative-commercial trait covering the years 1977-1985. In terms of content, original articles were published in the field of health, with a strong tendency for publications in the hospital field, mainly Hospital Administration and Pastoral Health. Also, articles were published in the areas of Nutrition, Nursing, and Bioethics. The second period had a technical-informative characteristic (1986-1989). Starting from 1986, the journal had its title changed to 'Hospital-Administração e Saúde' (translated as “Hospital Administration and Health”). During this period, the predominant focus was in the area of Hospital Administration. At the same time, there was a notable growth of publications in the areas of Nutrition, Nursing, Public Health, Bioethics, and sporadically Speech Therapy, starting from 1988. The third period was technical-scientific (1990-1994). The Institutional Editorial Board was formed and was made up of professionals from São Camilo, specifically from the Health Services Administration program and invited researchers. The fourth period is scientific and began in 1995. The publication retook its original title: O Mundo da Saúde. The change of title was based on the view that this journal is geared not only to deal with aspects related to health and the hospital, but also of broader issues, representing, therefore, a space for the dissemination of themes and research pertinent to the field of health in a multidisciplinary perspective. As such, it has expanded its approach, including the increased participation of other areas such as: Bioethics, Health Education, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Gerontology, Health Informatics, Environmental Health, Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Medical Radiology Technology, along with Hospital Administration, Nutrition, and Nursing. In 1998, the journal was indexed in the database LILACS - Latin American and Caribbean Literature of Health Sciences Information, and now counts on the participation of a scientific editor, a specialist who organizes and accompanies the edition with greater scientific rigor. As a vehicle for relevant scientific articles, the O Mundo da Saúde journal makes it possible to update and deepen knowledge in several areas, stimulating the debate on broad issues related to health, as well as encouraging professionals and institutions to improve the quality and management of services. It also aims to contribute to the technical, scientific, and ethical training of professionals in the area. It represents a space for the exchange and dissemination of studies and significant research in the health field. It publishes articles by renowned researchers, encouraging and respecting the diversity of views around a certain theme. The members of the Editorial Board are researchers belonging to several teaching and research institutions in Brazil and abroad. The process of critical analysis of articles for publication is performed through the systematic, peer review applied in journals of greater international credibility. Until the April / June 2003 edition, it presented its articles according to parameters of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). Starting from the July / September 2003 edition, the Vancouver norms, applied in international scientific productions in the health area, were adopted. From 2006 on, it had its online version, available on the Centro Universitário São Camilo website. In 2014, the journal began to use the DOI® - Digital Object Identifier. This is a system that allows the identification, location, and unambiguous description of digital entities - physical or abstract. Currently, it has been widely adopted on the Internet, mainly due to the needs of standardization and preservation of the information contained in this environment. This fact facilitated the access to the publications, bringing greater visibility to the published studies. In 2016, the O Mundo da Saúde journal started to publish only in its electronic format. This decision was made through long discussions based on technological trends, which we have been following, all the way through environmental and practical issues. In the same way, we were driven by the decision, because we have the open access model, in which the main objective is to increase the diffusion of knowledge and to offer more opportunities to the intellectuals of developing countries. However, we maintain the quality of our editorial policy as a priority, supporting peer review processes, ensuring that the studies meet the standards of quality and scientific validity in the publication. We emphasize that all construction results from the collaboration of many. We highlight the pioneers - who in the 1970s dared to create this journal; authors, editorial board, editors, who share their knowledge and wisdom in scientific production, also including other collaborators, such as technical staff: translators, designers, reviewers, graphic staff. The recognition extends to all who have made and are making the existence of this scientific journal feasible. These professionals idealized values according to which scientific knowledge must be transformed into wisdom, to help people live in a more dignified and healthy way.
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