Journal for Theory and Practice of Media Education

MediaEducation (MedienPädagogik) is an open-access academic online-journal addressed to scholars in the fields of communication and media studies as well as specialists in media education. It provides a forum for discussing the theory and practice of media education and offers a perspective on the current state of discourse in the field. media education publishes contributions to empirical media research and furnishes a platform for discussing educational and scientific methods. The journal MediaEducation is published by the Division Media Education of the German Educational Research Association (GERA) and the department of Media Education at the Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zürich).
Published byZurich University of teacher Education, Division Media Education (DGfE)
Year publication2000Frequency (Publish per Year)3
ISSN (print)1424-3636ISSN (online)-
Journal disciplinePhilosophical SciencesFull text languageGerman, English
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Editor in ChiefKlaus Rummler
Abbreviated NameMedienPädagogikCountrySwaziland
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Impact FactorDate added to KC18 May 2020
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