Jangwa Pana

It is an annual magazine dedicated to the area of social and human sciences, among which are: anthropology, sociology, film and audiovisual communication political science, history, philosophy and law among others. While the area of influence of the journal is the Colombian Caribbean, the publication is committed to collect relevant discussions, not only locally, but also nationally and internationally.
Published byUniversidad del Magdalena
Year publication2001Frequency (Publish per Year)3
ISSN (print)1657-4923ISSN (online)2389-7872
Journal disciplineHumanitiesFull text languagespanish
Journal Websitehttp://revistas.unimagdalena.edu.co/index.php/jangwapana
Editor in ChiefWilliam Martínez Dueñas
Abbreviated Name-CountryColombia
Journal is indexed by-, KindCongress
Impact FactorDate added to KC18 Dec 2020
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