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The International Journal of Water and Wastewater Treatment (ISSN 2381-5299) provide information about various aspects of the wastewater management and includes numerous articles on the global issue wastewater treatment. The journal is devoted to offering a presentation and discussion on the generation, handling, characterization, prevention, monitoring, reuse and residual disposal of solid wastes. The journal provides articles regarding wastewater treatment from both industrialized and developing countries. Various types of solid wastes such as agricultural, municipal and special are discussed in detail in the journal. The institutional, commercial, residential and light industrial wastes are included in the municipal wastes, while agricultural and special category includes sewage sludge, hazardous household wastes, and health care wastes. • The journal focuses on various topics in wastewater treatment such as water pollution monitoring, water purification etc. • The journal offers research in the political, environmental and technical problems of wastewater treatment. • The articles submitted to the journal provide complete information about the wastewater treatment.
Published bySci Forschen Inc.
Year publication2015Frequency (Publish per Year)2
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