International Journal of Environmental Problems

The journal’s mission The mission of the journal is to address the issues on creation of new integrated approaches to ecologically meaningful cycle of the Earth's matter, which will, in the future, on the one hand, to ensure the compliance with the basics of great studying V.I. Vernadskii biosphere, principles of the geoethics and geohygiene, the protection of the ecosphere, on the other hand – to increase the possibilities of the new industrialization of modern is unproductive simplification, the "collapse" of biodiversity of the biosphere and the sociosphere, and to ensure economic growth, outpacing the growth rate of costs, finally, to broaden the horizons of consistent joint development of Humanity and the Biosphere. The journal’s objective The journal is focused on the development of technical means and technologies of environmental protection, taking into account the context of the studied element of the biosphere, allowing the radically changing of the technological process, to achieve understanding technology not as a source of waste, and how the link network between the interacting elements of the biosphere, in accordance with the famous slogan of modern technologies focused on sustainable development, including the establishment of closed chains of cycles of use of waste of the previous link as substrates for the next, regeneration substrates and recreation work areas (the three R's – Recycling, Regeneration, Recreation).
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Year publication2015Frequency (Publish per Year)1
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Editor in ChiefVolkov Aleksandr
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