Environmental Skeptics and Critics

The more truth is debated, the clearer it becomes. Science will not proceed without debate and controversy. Wide and in-depth debate and controversy on human's knowledge, attitudes, policies and practices on the environment determines the future of our planet. There are numerous controversial and potentially controversial issues on environmental sciences and practices. ENVIRONMENTAL SKEPTICS and CRITICS (ISSN 2224-4263) is an international journal devoted to the publication of skeptical and critical articles/short communications/letters on theories, viewpoints, methodologies, practices, policies, etc., in ecological and environmental areas. The journal provides a forum for questioning, disputing, arguing, challenging, criticizing and judging known theories, methdologies, practices, and policies, etc., or presenting different ideas. The scope of Environmental Skeptics and Critics is wide and embraces all controversial, non-conclusive or unexplained issues in ecological and environmental areas. Authors can submit their works to the email box of this journal, environsc@iaees.org. All manuscripts submitted to this journal must be previously unpublished and may not be considered for publication elsewhere at any time during review period of this journal. Authors are asked to read and accept Author Guidelines and Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement before submitting manuscripts. In addition to free submissions from authors around the world, special issues are also accepted. The organizer of a special issue can collect submissions (yielded from a research project, a research group, etc.) on a specific research topic, or submissions of a scientific conference for publication of special issue.
Published byInternational Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
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Editor in ChiefWenJun Zhang
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