Continental Journal of Information Technology

Continental Journal of Information Technology (CJIT) is an international journal of high repute covering topics of interest to all those researching and working in the technology of information and knowledge management. The Editors welcome material on any aspect of information science theory, policy, application or practice that will advance thinking in the field. However, theoretical articles should consider the possible application of the proposed theory in other fields of research, commerce, education or government.
Published byWilolud Journals
Year publication2007Frequency (Publish per Year)2
ISSN (print)2141-4033ISSN (online)-
Journal disciplineEngineering SciencesFull text languageEnglish
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Editor in ChiefDr. Rafa AL QUTAISH
Abbreviated NameCJITCountryNigeria
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Impact FactorDate added to KC13 Jun 2020
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