Communications in Inorganic Synthesis

Communications in Inorganic Synthesis is an international journal dedicated to the rapid publication of short communications in the major areas of inorganic synthesis: metal complexes, salts, organometallic compounds, nanomaterials, quasicrystals, inorganic polymers, and supramolecular structures. Emphasis is placed on the synthesis, structure, spectroscopy, and bonding properties of significant new and known compounds. Papers reporting synthesis and X-ray structural data will be considered.
Published byUniversity of Santiago of Chile
Year publication2013Frequency3
ISSN (print)0719-2827ISSN (online)-
Journal disciplineChemical SciencesFull text languageEnglish
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Editor in ChiefDr. Juan Costamagna
Abbreviated NameCommun. Inorg. SynthCountryChile
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Impact FactorDate added to KC10 Jun 2020
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