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Buenmafe™ Research & Review-The Business Journal is a semi-annual double blind peer reviewed and editor reviewed journal focusing on commercial science; Business management and operation management; Entrepreneurship; Accounting; Management services; Business Communication; Business/Managerial Economics; Business Operations; Financial Analysis; Financial Management and Financial Administration; Tourism and Travel Services Management; Human Resource Management; International Business; Management Information Systems and Services; Management Science and Quantitative Methods; Marketing; Real Estate; Taxation; Market Operators; Special Market operation; Insurance; Capital Construction Management and other. The journal offers a broad spectrum of holistic perspectives and best practices to deal effectively with uncertainty and ambiguity in complex and culturally diverse environments. It provides means and methods for celebrating diversity across cultures while ensuring local relevance. It attempts to enlighten individuals and organizations on social, cultural and environmental responsibility. The journal plays a major role in opening up new frontiers of knowledge creation and dissemination, adding value to existing frameworks and practices. Work published in the journal contributes to inclusive and sustainable development. It aims to achieve an authentic synthesis of Western and Eastern approaches to management of human values, at the individual and organizational levels by creating frameworks of knowledge and methods of application of the same. The journal provides research and insights on concepts and methods related to human values from a wide variety of classical and contemporary literature. Articles are drawn from all over the world and further globally relevant learning. The research wing at Buenmafe are working more as a team than following any formal hierarchical structure working towards constant development of the journal. We have on board international reviewers and professionals from the corporates as well.
Published byBuenmafe Media & Research
Year publication2012Frequency (Publish per Year)1
ISSN (print)2320-5296ISSN (online)-
Journal disciplineEconomic SciencesFull text languageEnglish
Journal Websitehttp://www.buenmafe.com/jms/index.php/thebusinessjournal
Editor in ChiefProf. Shuvam Chatterjee
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