Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine

APJTB publishes researches not only on tropical biomedicine, public health, but also on tropical agriculture (plants and animals). APJTB aims to promote and disseminate high quality medical work and new findings from physicians, medical scientists, allied health scientists and public health workers in the field of tropical biomedicine. studies the health relationship between human and biology i.e. botany (relationship between human health and plants, peculiar to the tropics such as Solanum anguivi, Datura stramonium, Hydnocarpus anthelmintica, Gelsmium elegans and poisoning mushrooms, etc), zoology (animals like rhinoceros, Panthera Leo, cats, dogs and chikens infected with diseases due to infections of Trypanosoma brucei, Trichuris trichiura , Leishmania spp., filaria, Culex and Anopheles, etc), zoonosis (pathogenic organisms specific to the tropics i.e., leptospira, Salmonella spp., Japanese encephalitis virus and H5N1 virus that are transmitted between animals and humans), microbiology (the prevention and treatment of pathogenic microorganisms peculiar to the tropics like Mycobacterium ulcerans, Ebola virus, yellow fever virus, Lassa virus and Plasmodium falciparum) and marine biology (marine molluscs, tropical marine fishes, marine Streptomyces spp., Marine-derived actinomycetes, seaweeds, coral and benthos, etc. in medical application).
Published byAsian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine Editorial Office
Year publication2011Frequency (Publish per Year)12
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Journal disciplineMedical SciencesFull text languageEnglish
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Editor in ChiefJeffrey M. Bethony, Daouda Sissok, Malcolm K. Jones, Vanessa Steenkamp, Nazni Bte Hj. Wasi Ahmad
Abbreviated NameAsian Pac J Trop BiomedCountryChina
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