Asian Journal of Biomaterial Research

sian Journal of Biomaterial Research (AJBR), a peer-reviewed bimonthly publication, intends to provide international biomedical researchers with an open forum to disseminate important new information about biomaterial research. AJBR (2455-3212) is welcomes submissions from authors worldwide. It publishes original research articles, review articles and case reports, and Letter to the Editor is also accepted. AJBR covers the latest developments in multidisciplinary areas of biology and biomedicine, and focuses on mechanistic studies at the molecular level. Manuscripts with innovative ideas and/or approaches that bridge different fields are considered with priority. The main subject areas include, but are not limited to, Biomedicine, Drug Delivery and Targeting, pharmacology, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology, molecular biology, and protein science. The scope further includes biological activities and interactions, molecular associations, chemical and biological modifications, and functional properties as well as development of related model systems, structural including conformational studies, new analytical techniques, and relevant theoretical developments. All papers are required to focus primarily on at least one named biological macromolecule.
Published byPharmaceutical Research Information Group, 376-B, Phase-1, Star City, Katangi road, Karmeta Jabalpu
Year publication2015Frequency (Publish per Year)6
ISSN (print)-ISSN (online)2455-3212
Journal disciplineBiological SciencesFull text languageEnglish
Editor in ChiefNeeraj Mishra, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Pharmaceutics, ISF College of Pharmacy, M
Abbreviated NameAJBRCountryIndia
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