Anali Pravnog fakulteta Univerziteta u Zenici

The journal "Anali Pravnog fakulteta Univerziteta u Zenici" publishes papers in the field of social sciences. The editorial board accepts manuscripts in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, English, French and German, and by the decision of the editorial board accepts the publication of manuscripts in another foreign language. Papers are submitted to the editorial office in electronic form (e-mail or CD). The editorial board accepts only unpublished papers. The paper must not have already been published or sent to another journal for that purpose. Authors retain the copyright for articles published in the journal, but give the journal the right to publish, both in print and electronically. Papers accepted for publication or already published in the Journal can be published in other publications only with the permission of the editors, but also in that case only with a clear indication of their publication in the "Anali Pravnog fakulteta Univerziteta u Zenici". The journal publishes double peer-reviewed papers and one that is not subject to review. Papers that are categorized (original scientific paper, review scientific paper, preliminary communication and professional article) are subject to review. Book reviews, case law and ratings/remarks are not subject to review. The review process is anonymous. Due to the anonymization of the manuscript, which is done by removing the author's name, it is unacceptable for the author to write in the paper in such a way that the identity of the author can be discovered from the way he refers to his own works.
Published byPravni fakultet Univerziteta u Zenici (University of Zenica, Faculty of Law)
Year publication2008Frequency (Publish per Year)2
ISSN (print)1986-5791ISSN (online)1986-5953
Journal disciplineLegal SciencesFull text languageBosnian, Croatian, Serbian, English, German
Journal Website
Editor in ChiefProf. Dr. Maša Alijević
Abbreviated NameAnali Pravnog fakulteta u ZeniciCountryBosnia And Herzegovina
Journal is indexed byHeinOnline, Erihplus, EBSCOhost, CEEOL, KINDCONGRESS, KindCongress
Impact FactorDate added to KC06 Feb 2023
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