2nd World Summit on Public Health and Health Sciences (WSPHHS-2025)


Embark on an enlightening journey at the 2nd World Summit on Public Health and Health Sciences (WSPHHS-2025), taking place from March 27-29, 2025 in Paris, France.

Leading 3 days of public health research, development, and application are showcased at WSPHHS-2025, which brings together researchers, scientists, academicians, public health specialists, healthcare practitioners, healthcare providers, policymakers, vaccine specialists, drug developers, pharmaceutical representatives, and healthcare workers from around the globe.  In addition to the extensive schedule of presentations and panel discussions, we highly recommend making the most of your stay in Paris by immersing yourself in its abundant cultural treasures and stunning natural vistas. With its unparalleled fusion of art, history, and picturesque scenery, the city promises an experience that will undoubtedly ignite your inspiration. Come to Paris and join us in this enlightening collaborative endeavor as we work towards building a healthier world for everyone.

Scientific Sessions

Tobacco and Alcohol: Effective Risk Reduction
Food and Nutrition: Healthy Diets and Malnutrition
Maternal Health
Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Food and Nutrition: Healthy Diets and Malnutrition
Adolescent Health: Fostering Well-being
Clinical Medicine: Innovations in Patient Care
Public Health and Health Sciences
Digital Health and Telemedicine
Cancer and Diabetes
Water Sanitation and Hygiene
Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Maternal Health
Infectious diseases, malnutrition, and food safety
Social Determinants: Addressing Inequities
Communicable Diseases: Surveillance and Control
Non-Communicable Diseases: Prevention and Management
Medical Education: Strengthening Healthcare Workforce
Social Media Misinformation/Disinformation Campaigns
Health Services Management: Quality and Equity
Veterinary Public Health
Family Planning and Reproductive Health: Access and Choices
Elderly Health: Aging Well and Longevity Infant, Child
Mental health
Generative AI in healthcare
Environmental pollution and climate change
Precision Medicine
Health Policy & Services
Environmental Impact on health
Cannabis Legalization
Global Health

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens27/03/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline24/09/2024
Abstract Submission Closes24/09/2024
Registration Opens27/03/2024
Registration Deadline24/1/2024
Registration Closes24/1/2024
Early bird registrationjune 10,2024
on spot registration27/03/2025
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