World Summit and Expo on Lasers, Optics & Photonics (WSELOP-2024)


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I warmly welcome you to the World Summit and Expo on Lasers, Optics & Photonics (WSELOP-2024), October 17-19, 2024, Bern, Switzerland. Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is one of the most attractive and historically important places in Europe. The Suisse efficient railroad and highway system gives you the opportunity to explore both the wonderful nearby lakes as well as the highest alpine mountains of Europe.

Scientific Sessions

Optical and Fiber Optical Sensors and Instrumentation
Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS)
Physical & Adaptive Optics
Guided Wave Optics
Optoelectronic Devices
Advancements in Traditional Optical Materials
Optical Communications, Switching and Networks
High-speed Opto-electronic
Bio and Medical Optics
Optical Technology and Imaging
Optical Computing & Nonlinear Optics
Optical Technology and Imaging Holography
Optical Fiber Technology: Materials, Devices and Systems
Nanophotonics and Nanomaterials
Photonic Sensors & Photodetector
Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC
3D Optical Materials & 2D Photonic Materials and Devices
Photonic Computing& Organic Photonic Materials and Devices
Soft and Bioinspired Photonics
Photonics for Energy, Green Photonics and Smart Lighting
Applications of Photonic Technologies & Photonic Instrumentation Engineering
Laser Science
laser optics & Semiconductor Lasers
Chemical Gas & Fiber Lasers
Nonlinear Lasers & Laser Propulsion
Laser Science and Technology
Ultrafast Laser-Matter Interaction
Lasers in Medicine and Biology
Laser Applications & Laser Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Lasers and LEDs & Laser Nanotechnology

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens20/11/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline23/08/2024
Abstract Submission Closes24/08/2024
Registration Opens20/11/2023
Registration Deadline24/08/2024
Registration Closes26/08/2024
Early bird registration22/05/2024
on spot registration17/10/2024
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