World Congress on Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Development


Join us at the “World Congress on Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Development” presented by ScitechSeries. This HYBRID EVENT allows you to participate as In person at Paris, France or Virtually from your home or workplace on September 19-20, 2024. This congress unites pharmaceutical chemists, researchers, and professionals for collaboration and innovation. Explore cutting-edge knowledge, advancements, and trends in drug discovery, development, and delivery. Experts from academia, industry, and regulation connect to accelerate global healthcare solutions. Our theme, “Addressing Worldwide Challenges and Investigating Scientific Inquiry in the Field of Pharmaceutics,” signifies excellence and progress. Effective communication, education, and community engagement drive our impact.


Scientific Sessions

Analytical Biochemistry
Medicinal chemistry
Nanoscience And Material Chemistry
Structural Chemistry
Chemical Engineering
Future Scope Of Chemistry
Catalysis And Reaction Engineering
Organometallic Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Forensic And Clinical Chemistry
Marine And Geochemistry
Industrial Chemistry
Nutrition And Food Chemistry
Organic And Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry And Theortical Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry
Natural Products Chemistry

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens30/09/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline01/09/2024
Abstract Submission Closes05/09/2024
Registration Opens30/09/2023
Registration Deadline19/09/2024
Registration Closes19/09/2024
Early bird registration30/09/2023
on spot registration19/09/2024
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