International Conference on Women’s Health and Breast Cancer (Women’s Health 2024)


We are glad to announce our International Conference on Women’s Health and Breast Cancer (Women’s Health 2024) Organized by Prezentis which is to be held on November 18-19, 2024 at Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport in Dubai, UAE and the theme arounds “Innovations in Exploring the Latest Research in Women’s Health and Breast Cancer”. This Conference aims to bring together researchers, experts, and students from academia and the healthcare industry to provide an international forum for sharing original research, new ideas, and practical experiences.

Scientific Sessions

Womens Health
Breast Cancer
Menstrual Cycle & Menopause
Womens Reproductive Health
Womens Physical Fitness and Exercise
Breast Cancer & Surgery
Womens Breast Health
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Health Disorders and Obesity
Womens Oncology
Breast Biopsies
Womens Health & Wellbeing
Reproduction and Sexual Health
Womens Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Infectious disease and Epidemiology
Womens Chronic Illness Management
Menstruation and Menopause
Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness
Midwifery Recent research and advancement
Clinical trails in Breast cancer
Radiation Oncology
Women’s Health Issues and Policy
Optimal Breast Cancer Pathology
Gynaecology and obstetrics
Autoimmune Disorders and Women
COVID-19 Impact on Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects
Advances in Womens Health Research
Osteoporosis and Bone Health
Sexually transmitted infections (STDs, STIs)
Gynaecological Endoscopy
Breast cancer and Immunology
Reproductive Physiology and Toxicology
Screening and Diagnosis for breast cancer
Menopause,PCOD and climaticeric Period
Adolescent Gynaecology and Pediatric
Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Survivorship

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline20/06/2024
Early bird registration22/06/2024
on spot registration18/11/2024
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