5th International Conference on Vaccines, Vaccination, and Immunization (Vaccines Immunization 2024)


Welcome to the official website of the 5th International Conference on Vaccines, Vaccination, and Immunization (Vaccines Immunization 2024), slated to take place on August 21-22, 2024 in the picturesque city of Paris, France. With a steadfast commitment to advancing global health, this conference serves as a pivotal platform for the exchange of cutting-edge knowledge, breakthrough research, and innovative strategies in the fields of vaccines, vaccination, and immunization. The theme of the conference is “Practices to cure wounds and illness by healing from power of herbs and incantation”.

Our goal is to foster a collaborative environment that bridges the gap between research, policy, and practice, uniting researchers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, industry leaders, advocates, and students on a shared mission to enhance public health through vaccination.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Vaccines
Track 2:Cancer, Malaria & TB Vaccines
Track 3:HIV Vaccines
Track 4:Combination & Conjugate Vaccines
Track 5:Vaccines against Infectious Diseases
Track 6:DNA & Synthetic Vaccines
Track 7:Travel & Edible Vaccines
Track 8:Paediatric Vaccination
Track 9:Vaccines for Immune Mediated Diseases
Track 10:Vaccines against Drugs‎
Track 11:Vaccines & Autism
Track 12:Geriatric Immunization
Track 13:Vaccines for Pregnant Women & Neonates
Track 14:Vaccines for Unconventional Diseases
Track 15:Animal Models & Clinical Trials
Track 16:Animal & Plant Derived Vaccines
Track 17:Vectors, Adjuvants & Delivery Systems
Track 18:Vaccine Production & Development
Track 19:Cellular Immunology & Latest Innovations
Track 20:Fish & Poultry Vaccines
Track 21:Antibodies: Engineering & Therapeutics
Track 22:Current Research & Future Challenges

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens28/07/2024
Registration Opens28/06/2024
Registration Closes10/08/2024
Early bird registration28/03/2024
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