24th International Conference on Safe Communities (ICSC-24)


The 24th International Conference on Safe Communities (ICSC-24) In date 2019-08-22 by International Safe Community Support Center in Tabriz was held.

1.Road safety management
2.Safer roads and mobility
3.Safer vehicles
4.Safer road users
5.Post-crash response
6.Road Traffic Injury surveillance
7.Safe community and Traffic safety; challenges and opportunities
8.The safe community in the developing world
9.Program evaluation in a safe community
10.Foresight in safety promotion
11.Vulnerable groups safety
12.Injury surveillance
13.Evidence-based safety promotion
14.Violence and suicide prevention
15.Burn prevention
16. Child safety in international Crises (Earthquake, Flood, War and etc.)
17.Occupational safety
18.Other related themes

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