15th International Conference on Stroke, Neurology and Cerebrovascular Diseases (Stroke Meeting 2024)


Welcome to the 15th International Conference on Stroke, Neurology, and Cerebrovascular Diseases, taking place on June 20-21, 2024, in the enchanting city of Paris, France. This prestigious event, under the theme “Precision Medicine in Neurology: Tailoring Therapies for Individual Patients,” promises to be a groundbreaking platform for sharing cutting-edge research, advancements, and insights in the field of neurology.

Neurological disorders, such as strokes, remain a global health challenge, affecting millions of individuals worldwide. The conference aims to explore the potential of precision medicine, revolutionizing the way we approach diagnosis, treatment, and management of neurological conditions. By understanding the unique genetic, molecular, and environmental factors that contribute to individual patient variations, we can optimize therapeutic strategies and improve patient outcomes significantly.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Stroke in Young Adults: Challenges and Insights
Track 2:Neuropsychological Assessment in Stroke Patients
Track 3:Stroke Prevention in High-Risk Populations
Track 4:Neuroimaging Modalities for Cerebrovascular Disorders
Track 5:Innovations in Acute Stroke Treatment
Track 6:Neurovascular Coupling and Cerebrovascular Diseases
Track 7:Stroke Epidemiology and Public Health Interventions
Track 8:Neurorehabilitation Strategies for Aphasia Post-Stroke
Track 9:Translational Research in Stroke Medicine
Track 10:Neurological Complications of COVID-19 in Stroke Patients
Track 11:Advancements in Neuroprotective Strategies for Stroke
Track 12:Technological Advances in Stroke Prevention
Track 13:Neurological Consequences of Cerebrovascular Diseases
Track 14:Genetics and Epigenetics of Stroke Risk
Track 15:Stroke Rehabilitation: Novel Therapeutic Approaches
Track 16:Neuroinflammation and Stroke Pathogenesis
Track 17:Cognitive Impairment in Cerebrovascular Disorders
Track 18:Innovations in Stroke Imaging Techniques
Track 19:Neuroplasticity and Stroke Recovery Mechanisms
Track 20:Emerging Biomarkers in Cerebrovascular Diseases

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