Second Annual International Conference of the Saudi Nurses Association 2024


The International Nursing Conference of the Saudi Nurses Association, themed “Future Enhancements Toward Excellence in Nursing,” is a premier event that brings together nursing professionals, researchers, educators, and policymakers from different nursing specialties and institutions. This dynamic conference aims to explore the latest advancements and innovative approaches in nursing practice, education, and research, with a particular focus on future enhancements that promote excellence in nursing and contribute to the advancement of healthcare. This conference aims to foster professional growth, knowledge exchange, and collaboration among nursing professionals worldwide and to explore future enhancements in the nursing field, including advancements in practice, education, research, and technology. By bringing together experts, researchers, educators, and policymakers, the conference aims to promote excellence in nursing and contribute to the continuous improvement of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. It serves as a platform to discuss emerging trends, share best practices, and inspire innovative approaches in nursing, ultimately aiming to enhance the overall quality of patient care.

The event will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 04-05 September 2024.

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